Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ebony and Ivory

My daughter Isabella has a dear friend named Aubrey and they have known each other since birth. The thing I love about these two being together is that they always manage to have a good time. AND it's a plus that Aubrey's mom, Amy, is a great friend of mine so while the girls play we get to catch up which is a win-win for everybody.

I was skimming through photos and just wanted to share some of the most amusing that I found of these two little monkeys hanging out through the years.

Striking ballerina poses in front of the fountain at sunset.

Apparently Happy Meal containers double as hats.

Wearing similar colored dresses during Isabella's birthday party.

Putting on an impromptu show at the Barnes & Noble stage at the Grove.

Riding the fish at the mall playground.

Karaoke! We train 'em young.

The little monkey and the ladybug.

Stowaways in the pumpkin cart.

Celebrating Isabella's 1 month birthday in front of Menchies.

Looking forward to more memories.


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  1. WAHHHH!!! So sweet! Thanks for posting these photos, Bern. I'm so glad Aubrey has such a special friend to grow up with. I hope they (and we) stay friends for life. xo
    (ok, stealing the ballerina pic now!)