Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here We Go Again...

I haven't posted anything in the last three months and with good reason. It's been very difficult to do so with nausea, migraines and pure exhaustion.

My husband and I discussed having another child last year starting in August. It was one of those discussions that started with, "If we're going to do it we have to do it now." I figured it would be simple because the last time we "discussed" it I was already pregnant. I was disheartened to find out that this time around would not be as easy.

Month after month, negative. By December I began to feel like we should feel blessed to have one child and accept the fact that we were probably going to be a family of three. So during the month of December we agreed that by January we stop "trying". We gave it all away. Rocking chairs, car seats, baby toys you name it we got rid of it. The ONLY stuff I held onto were baby clothes so I could go through and have some as a keepsake of my little baby girl.

Needless to say December was a VERY hectic month: Christmas shopping, holidays and trips out of town. It came and went very quickly so the last thing on my mind was, "Hmmm, when should I get my period?"

January was here and by the 9th I started to get a suspicion that my "little friend" was late for her visit. I bought a test and was curious to see what it would say. I went to a Coffee Bean at 6:45am and asked to use their bathroom. I figured I'd take the test and see the minus sign and not bother my husband with the results. Reason being, every month prior to this I would tell him very excitedly, "I think I'm pregnant!!!" and every month I was wrong. Immediately after I peed on the stick there was a minus sign and I said out loud, "Sad." then placed the stick on top of the sink while I washed my hands. By the time I went to place the stick inside the safety plastic wrapper I saw a positive sign. What the WHAT?!!! I looked into the mirror and all I could see was a giant smile on my face.

I'm ecstatic. Even with the migraines, nausea and exhaustion I look forward to meeting this little person I am growing.


Due Date: September 18th, 2011
Sex: Boy