Friday, February 24, 2012

Disney Baby!!!

Disney Baby recently previewed their new line of products ranging from apparel, bathtime and playtime to name a few!!! My 5 month old and I got to experience these products first hand which means I'll be making some Disney Baby purchases VERY soon.

One of my favorite new items are their hip and trendy onesies available in many styles such as neon and nature's sketchbook. I love the bold colors and the playful prints of various Disney characters. And I have to mention that they come with "grow with me" snaps which can extend your baby's use of these stylish bodysuits which means longer wear and less spending!

Bathtime for MY baby is always a challenge so I was pleased to see that Disney Baby came out with a "Finding Nemo" Fun Tub. This tub comes with everything except the kitchen sink. It features a newborn sling that can be removed as baby grows and the best part is,...wait for it...the toy bar! This fun and engaging toy bar has colorful hanging fish, a water wheel and even a little tray that can be used for storage. I love that this will help keep my baby occupied, entertained and clean ALL at the same time. There are also a wide variety of fun character towels, hooded robes and bath toys available.

My five month old is starting to stand with assistance so we tested out the new activity and discovery products. My next purchase is DEFINITELY going to be the Winnie the Pooh Jumper. There are so many great features including music, lights, hanging toys and an electronic storybook. My baby boy loved discovering all the buttons while strengthening his chubby little legs and "I" love the fact that this can keep him occupied while I get some laundry done.

I also got a chance to preview their new website. It's an awesome new site where you can get great ideas, purchase products, download checklists and share your own personal experiences with other parents. I'll definitely be uploading some pictures of my little prince and his big sister...after I do some laundry.

Check out Disney for a complete list and availability of all their new items!