Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cinderella for a day at the Streamy Awards!!!

I was invited by Kodak to come and interview celebrities on the red carpet at the Streamy Awards and after the initial excitement I started to panic. I figured I'd need a dress (which I did't have), hair and make-up (which was going to cost an arm and a leg) and a babysitter (which is hard to come by). It's amazing how the universe always comes together to answer my prayers. I mentioned it to a girlfriend and she lent me an amazing Armani dress, my friend Kris (who is a model/comedian/make-up artist extraordinnaire) agreed to do my hair and make-up (and did a phenomenal job!) and my husband insisted that he'd watch my daughter so I could enjoy the event. Thank you fairy-godmother, Cinderella is going to the ball!!!

The Streamys, which took place at the Orpheum Theater, honored web-based television and since I was sent there by Kodak I figured I could ask the nominees and presenters what their favorite Kodak moment was. Interviewing is definitely not an easy job (much respect to you Ryan Seacrest) so I was glad to have fellow LA mom blogger Donna there to shoot and co-interview by my side. We recorded our interviews with Kodak's newest pocket Zi8 camcorder. Coincidentally, many of the video directors told us they the same camera for their projects too.

All the people I interviewed seemed to enjoy sharing their answers. I figured all the other questions were about their shows or the routine, "How does it feel to be nominated?" type questions so ours was refreshing. One actor even said, "THAT is the BEST question I've been asked all night!"

The responses ranged from the birth of my daughter, the day I brought my dog home from the pound, receiving G.I. Joes on Christmas morning and running around the park in depends! They were definitely informative and insightful answers.

There were many celebrities who attended: Illeana Douglas, Patrick Duffy, Jaleel White, Tony Hall, Tatyana Ali, Robert Englund, Justine Bateman and Kevin Pollock just to name a few. I felt like it was a very relaxed environment and all the staffers for the Streamys, Kodak and Ketchum couldn't have been nicer. They gave me and Donna a lot of freedom to talk to everyone at the event.

I think the highlight of the day was interviewing Patrick Duffy. Yes, "Man of Atlantis", "Dallas" and for the younger generation "Step by Step" Patrick Duffy. I couldn't believe he was right in front of me. I remember watching him on that show thinking Suzanne Sommers is one lucky lady! Can you TELL how giddy I was by the smile on my face?!

I especially enjoyed interviewing the up and coming web actors. They were humble and genuinely excited to be there. A lot of times I think when an actor becomes a huge celebrity they lose the graciousness of doing interviews and greeting their fans. I have a feeling many of these web actors will become household names in the near future so I feel privileged to have met them at this red carpet.

After a 9 hour day I was happy to end the night by saying a quick good-bye to the awesome Kodak and Ketchum crew at the Cicada after party. I was also excited to take a red-carpet photo with my partner in crime, Donna, but at the end of the day all I could think of was my husband and daughter. Did they have a good day? What did they eat? I wonder if I could get home early enough to see them before bedtime?

When I got home I took off the beautiful Armani dress and snazzy red shoes wiped off all my make-up and washed all the product out of my hair and happily slipped into something more "mommy". I was disappointed to find my husband and daughter already asleep because I wanted them to see me all “fancified” but I guess that's what pictures are for. On the kitchen counter I found a pepperoni pizza and in the refrigerator a diet cherry coke zero. Ahhh, just what Cinderella ordered.

DISCLOSURE: I was not compensated to write this post. I received press credentials to attend the Streamys as a guest of Kodak, who is a major sponsor of the show. I did receive a Zi8 camcorder to use on the red carpet, as well as a small digital camera and digital frame...BOTH OF WHICH I'm giving away, click on this link to find out more details and enter the contest.


  1. It looks like so much fun! It seems like you get to participate in many great things! :)

  2. I feel honored to be able to participate in these events. Thanks for reading my blog Lindsay!

  3. wow that is one hawt tamalaes. And of course I am talking about the yellow bunny rabbit :).

  4. Wow!! Awesome ... I see you had a blast... BTW: Love the dress.... :D