Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blogger Brunch by the Bay!!!

I recently attended a "Blogger Brunch" thrown by Child's Play Communications at the beautiful Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach. Southern California-based mom bloggers enjoyed a delicious brunch where there was an omlette bar, bubbly champagne and mimosas to celebrate the occasion. After our meal, we were able to learn about some terrific new products for the whole family. We received great giveaways and even won some amazing raffle prizes. Here's a rundown of some of the great products that was there.

I started off at the Pottery Barn Kids table where they displayed their new summer-inspired line for kids and teens. There were some beautiful quilts (which I wasn't lucky enough to snag) and I was lucky enough to receive a cool beach bag and a pink hooded towel for my little girl. It's going to come in very handy with all the swimming she'll be doing this summer.

Bandai had a whole variety of toys on display including Harumika styling dolls, Ben 10 action figures and my favorite, the Choco Pot! I wish this thing was invented when I was a kid. (Maybe I'd be the next Rachael Ray by now.) Are you kidding?! My own little chocolate melting pot?! I never would've left the house and they would've had to pry it out of my hands. Melted chocolate, every kids dream come true...or maybe just mine.

Since I personally drive one, I was happy to see Toyota there with info on their new 2011 Sienna. This new vehicle seats 7 passengers with wider and longer interiors without increasing the exterior dimensions. I love my 1999 Toyota Corolla but if they wanted me to take the Sienna for a trial run I'm sure I could find 6 passengers to help me test it out. Vegas anyone?!

My daughter LOVES her some Nick Jr. in fact she could spot Moose A. Moose's voice from a mile away. I was happy to see their parent company,Nickelodeon with the newest line-up of Dora the Explorer dolls, play sets, games and more. I also learned they recently launched their "Beyond the Backpack" campaign which provides tools to helps preschoolers be well-prepared for their first school experience. The site will have activities that help engage children in critical areas related to school success such as: social skills, early literacy, math ability and health and wellness basics. I will be checking this site in the near future since my little girl will be embarking upon pre-school soon. Ahh, where does the time go???

Backyard Safari Outfitters is every nature-loving kids dream come true!!! These toys give children an opportunity to get up close and personal while scoping out "wildlife" from insects in the grass to birds in the sky. I was lucky enough to score one of their mini lanterns and a dual power flashlight which are both going straight into my earthquake preparedness kit.

Even though I am trying to stay away from sweets, I couldn't resist trying Cold Stone Creamery's new Oreo Ice-Cream Sandwich. I was so engrossed in the experience I forgot to take a photo. It was the perfect end to a delicious meal and every calorie was worth it!!! Wait, calories don't count during events...right???

I was watching fellow mom blogger
Eunice get a cosmetic touch-up as I enjoyed my treat.

Temptress Cosmetics was there doing mini-makeovers for some of the moms. My make-up artist recommended trying a new color, red! I begrudgingly agreed but in the end I think it was a fun alternative to my bland clear chapstick.

Last but not least, I have to rave about my favorite new product the
Pajama Jeans! I recently received mine in the mail and when I put them on my husband said, "Nice jeans" and I responded with much enthusiasm, "You would THINK they were jeans but they're pajamas! There's not even a zipper. It's an optical illusion!" I LOVE these because like other moms, I am guilty of leaving the house in my workout clothes even when I'm not working out. Now I can wear my pajama jeans with pride while shopping at the mall or playing in the park. GENIUS Pajama Jeans GENIUS (bowing down)!

Thanks again to Child's Play Communications for allowing me to be part of such an amazing event!

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