Sunday, May 31, 2015

Make-up Mayhem!

I was VERY excited to get my hair and make-up done for my sister's wedding yesterday. I even had pictures of how I wanted everything to look so it "should" go easy-peasy, right? WRONG!!!

The make-up artist, started with my overall foundation, which was fine. Things got shaky when she got to my eyes. I've always loved make-up but don't wear it on an everyday basis, mostly just for special occasions so I'm not an expert BUT I do know what looks good and what makes me look like a clown. She said she was done with my eyes so I took a look in the mirror and what I saw was startling. I said, "This DOESN'T look like the picture." and she "honestly" thought it looked like the picture (which is to the right) I showed her! YOU be the judge. Do they look the same? Or do I look like I got punched in the eyes?! Or a raccoon?! MY 6 year-old could've done the same job and it wouldn't have cost $85!


She "tried" to fix it but just made it worst. Eventually, the owner agreed that it DIDN'T look like the photo and said she could try to fix it BUT I would have to come back in two hours, which would make me late for wedding festivities. At this point I said "I" can fix it but I needed access to their make-up. So they did my hair, which was actually AMAZING and then agreed to let me fix the make-up myself. This is how it looked after "I" blended, lightened and actually copied the photo that I originally showed them. Then my make up artist offered to put on fake lashes which I agreed to. I mean, she couldn't mess THAT up, right? WRONG!!! When I left, the lashes came OFF (picture to the left) half my lid so I had to go to buy glue to, "once again", FIX what she couldn't do right in the first place. UGH.

Call ahead and find out how much experience the make-up artist has had BEFORE choosing one. Maybe even ask to see pictures of their previous work to help determine if you like their style.
Bring ALL of your own make-up just in case something like this happens.
Last but not least, know where the closest MAC make-up counter is in case you need a last minute make over. 

Note: I decided NOT to include the name of the salon because my sister (the Bride) goes there frequently and since I will NEVER return there, just wanted to share tips and my personal experience.

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