Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Day at the Zoo with Animals and Moshi Monsters!

I was recently invited to spend a day at the L.A. Zoo and have a personal hands-on demo with an online video game site called Moshi Monsters. I had never heard of this site and was excited to learn more about it.

Moshi Monsters is a free online site where kids can adopt a monster and care for it. I was happy to sample the various games such as the daily challenge which can help the player accumulate points called Rox. They can then use the Rox to buy things such as food, furniture, treats or toys to boost their monsters mood. As time passes, their monster will move up in levels and be able to visit new locations in Monstro City.

I was particularly impressed with the games because they were educational and entertaining at the same time. They incorporated math, English and comprehension which can help kids learn while they play video games. I feel that this will also teach them responsibility which they can incorporate into their everyday lives.

After the demo, we were able to enjoy the warm weather at the L.A.zoo. My daughter enjoyed the colorful flamingos, bears and peacocks.

We returned to sample more of the games which are 90% free! The other 10% gives your child access to some cool extras which are available on their website here.

All in all I would recommend this site to parents with children who enjoy video games because they can learn and have fun at the same time. So adopt a Moshi monster now at!


  1. My girls were really into Moshi Monsters for a while. The only thing I would add is to make sure your kids know not to add "friends" on the site that they don't know in person.

  2. 很棒的分享~如有打擾之處,敬請原諒!........................................