Monday, October 6, 2014

Knott's Season Pass for 2015!

If you haven't already purchased your Knott's Season Pass for 2015, NOW is the time to do so! It's at it's lowest price and you can even break it up into 9 easy payments of $8.50. This is a steal compared to all the other amusement parks, believe me, I've shopped around.

If you like the excitement of Knott's Scary Farm then you'll definitely want to take advantage of this offer because it also includes exclusive discounts for this hot ticket event!

The food at Knott's rates among the highest whether you like bbq, burgers or fried chicken. Mrs. Knott's Chicken dinner is simply UN-believeable. Therefore, adding the all season dining plan for only $99 should be an automatic. Seriously, you can't beat delicious food at an amusement park for that price.

I love the fact that my husband and I can enjoy all the roller coasters and there's also an abundance of kid-friendly rides for my 6 year-old and 3 year-old. There's so many special events in the summer and Christmas that you'll definitely get your money's worth throughout 2015!

So get an early jump on your Christmas shopping and purchase Knott's Season Passes for the entire family, the gift that keeps on giving!

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