Friday, January 21, 2011

Young, Blonde and Beautiful AIN'T Got Nothin' on ME!!!

The past two days I've gone for a hike @ 6:45AM. I know, crazy but it's the only time I can get it in. Each day I've seen the sun come up and I relax and enjoy the beautiful sunrise while still holding my keys in the "in case an attacker comes out" position in between my fingers. BTW, both days Richard Grieco (AKA Johnny Depp's replacement on "21 Jump Street") has said good morning to me.

Towards the middle of my hike, which is done in a slow yet steady pace, I saw two blonde, stunning (they looked like they were Ford models) in their early 20's in their cute workout matching clothes probably Lulu Lemon or Lucky or just Hot and Young Workout Gear. As they jogged toward me I could hear their conversation:

Hot Girl 1: We should get breakfast...
Hot Girl 2: OMG, totally!!!
Hot Girl 1: You know what sounds good?

As they bounced away from me I couldn't hear the answer but just heard giggling as I slowly strolled away. I remember those days of just being care-free and flying by the seat of my pants. You wanna go hike? SURE!!!! Maybe get mani/pedi's after? Why not?!!! Never having to worry about nap schedules, laundry, dirty dishes in the sink because I was single and only had to worry about me, myself and I. BUT with all those responsibilities comes GREAT joy. Every time my daughter says, "I love you mommy" and wraps her arms around my neck all the work becomes worth it. When she asks to see "Beauty and the Beast" for the 187th time and chimes in during the "Be Our Guest" song when the candlestick says, "Don't believe me..." she yells with anticipation and excitement, "ASK THE DISHES!" then looks to see if I'm as excited as she is. I say to myself, who needs to have an open schedule for spontaneous hikes and mani/pedi's...not me.

I love where I am today as opposed to where I was in my early 20's. My life is richer and fuller. Sure there are some days where it's tough and I have to dig deep and say "just get through it". Good thing I have an extra large shovel.

Thanks for letting me share my random thought of the day.


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