Friday, May 21, 2010

Disney Interactive Game Night

I love attending Disney events for two reasons. First, they always make it family-friendly which is great because I get to share the experience with my husband and daughter. Second, the events are always AWESOME!!! The Disney Interactive Game Night at the Vantage Room on Hollywood and Highland was no different. We got an exclusive look at some of Disney's video games which are perfect for the whole family.

One of the favorites was Sing It! The players get to choose which Disney songs, ranging from "Winnie the Pooh" to "The Little Mermaid" they get to sing along to. I love the fact that the words are right on the monitor along with the characters while you are belting out the tunes. Once the singing starts the fun doesn't stop.

I then moved on to "The World of Cars Online". The great thing about this game is that you don't have to purchase anything you simply log on and play it online. The object of the game is to acquire points by playing games and then use the points to purchase accessories to customize your car. If your kid likes cars or enjoyed the movie this is the perfect interactive game for them.

Next was "Pixie Hollow" which is also available online. This video game allows the player to create their own pixie and choose different things from their powers to their stylish pixie-gear. I couldn't believe all the options for their clothes, shoes and even their pets. Yes pets! I chose a little firefly and named it Petunia Blossom. This game is great for encouraging creativity and even responsibility for your little gamer.

The last game I got to sample was "Guilty Party" , which came highly recommended by the host and after playing it I could tell why. I loved this game because it gave me an opportunity to play private detective. I chose Phoebe as my persona then interrogated all the suspects to help me collect clues which ultimately helped me figure out that the Commodore was actually thee Guilty Party! If you enjoy suspenseful mysteries this a definite must have for the entire family.

That's my Guilty Party persona Phoebe

I worked up an appetite with all that gaming which was a good thing because there were so many goodies available. The sliders and shrimp sandwiches were dee-licious along with my favorite sides, french fries and onion rings! Although I think the most popular section of the buffet was probably the dessert. There were home-made ding dongs and twinkies along with snow cones and creamy banana pudding! I couldn't resist trying a bite of everything which was totally worth the calories.

By the smile on everybody's faces it was apparent that this was, once again, a fun-filled successful Disney event.

Thank you Disney for allowing me and my family to participate in your "Interactive Game Night"!

Disclosure: I was not not paid for this post and my opinions on the company and what I write about my experience are my honest opinions.

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  1. So fun. My girls would have loved this when they were little. I love finding the LA moms blogs!