Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mommy's Purse to the Rescue!!!

Before I was a mom I thought I was always prepared. Only after I became a mom did I truly find out what the word prepared meant. I thought, "This is just how I am when I'm with my daughter" but I realized that once you're in mommy mode you can never go back. Which in not neccessarily a bad thing.

I recently got the opportunity to shoot in San Francisco. The thought of having three days to myself with uninterrupted sleep was exhilarating! This would be the first time I would be away from my daughter for such a long period of time. I knew it would be difficult but I wanted to enjoy myself as much as I could.

On this trip, I discovered that I was very prepared. Let me over-emphasize that, I was "mommy" prepared! When I boarded that plane I had snacks, anti-bacterial, baby wipes, aspirin, extra napkins (because you can never have enough napkins in your purse) and more things than I care to list. Let's put it this way, I had feminine products and it wasn't even that time of the month. I just like to have them ready in case someone else needs them.

I think once you become a mom you develop this mentality of "always" be prepared! For instance, carrying around an extra outfit just in case your little one has an accident. Having snacks in case they get hungry. Taking books and crayons to the restaurant so during those few minutes they are distracted you can devour your meal before a meltdown.

My fellow actors noticed this as well. We worked in 38 degree weather for fifteen and a half hours and one of the actors looked like she was freezing so I offered her a blanket. Another actor had a headache, no need to call the medic, I had aspirin in my pocket. It was two hours 'til dinner and craft service was quite a hike but one of the actors was hungry, fear not I have goldfish and granola bars in my purse!!! I remember someone saying, "Wow! You can tell Bernadette is a mom." I thought to myself, "I certainly AM a mom" and took it as a complement.

That trip made me realize that I practically have everything I need, but if I don't I can certainly ask a fellow mom and I'm pretty sure she will have it.


  1. Ur adorable. I love that you brought feminine products to the GE shoot and it wasn't even your time of the month. Will you be my mom in LA?

  2. I absolutely agree! When you become a mom, you are kind of a mom to everyone around you. I think it's the best compliment you can get, it means you are nurturing and caring =)

  3. If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.............................................